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Pierre Cavalan

Pierre Cavalan

1979 : Graduated from B.J.O, PARIS Jewellery school, FRANCE.
1980-85 : Works for Sydney Jeweller Russel Mc Colough.
1996 : Guest lecturer at San Diego State University (California, USA)
1997 : Teaching at HAYSTACK SCHOOL, MAINE, USA
2001 : Kent State University, USA. Master Workshop.
1999/2006 : Teaching Design Fundamentals, Jewellery trade and Jewellery Design, at Enmore School of Design (Sydney)

1999 : Grant from the Australia Council for the Arts.
1994 : National Jewellery Contemporary Award, Griffith.
1995 : Alice Craft Acquisition Award, Australia.
1992 : Elected Chair for Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group of Australia.NSW.
Project Grant Australia Council for the Arts.

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